About Gabriel’s Promise

The Mission

Gabriel’s Promise is a global family committed to loving those hardest to reach.

Our Ethos

A promise to engage because as followers of Jesus we don’t have a choice to be ignorant.

We have to act.

The Story

Gabriel’s Promise began when our founder, Dani-Jo, was introduced to Haiti in March of 2011. Within a few days of being in country she found herself inside an orphanage in Carrefour, a small city outside of the capital. She was working on fulfilling her film class’ project while in Haiti and had been given instructions to shoot through objects, utilizing the light on either side. After spotting a dark room in the corner of the building she crawled into the small space and lowered herself to the ground to get the shot. Her eyes were met with those of a precious baby who appeared to be living underneath a wire bed frame in the corner. Without thinking she tried to reach in and lift the toddler out from the darkness. The child swatted at her hand and let out a scream, and she was forced to pull her arms away. After time, he slowly crawled out from his hiding place and allowed her to hold him. The memory of the two sitting together weeping has stuck with her since.

It was out of that very moment that Gabriel’s Promise came to be. Gabriel’s Promise is more than an organization, and it’s more than a relief effort. It is a promise to the innumerable Gabriel’s in the world.

It’s a promise to love, a promise to speak, and a promise to serve.